I wonder…

The relentless pursuit, an unending chase and then heartache,
The intense urge to posses, to own and partake.
The joyous victories and the inevitable heartbreak.
Has it been worth the effort ? I wonder,
Have made a few memories, but will they last a lifetime !

The arguments ,the fights and the standoffs,
The deliberate stabs, the venomous tongues,
The bruised egos, the harsh stance, the hateful stare,
Has it been worth the fight ? I wonder,
A battle was won , but did I lose the war !

An early dream, so carefully nurtured ,
Wanted it so bad , that’s all that mattered ,
Lost my innocence , my youth unmanaged
Has it been worth not living ? I wonder
The dream achieved , but the meaning has changed

Credits: Var-Shi

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