How I write a poem?

I am not a born poet nor I claim to be one. But yes, every now and then at a spur of a moment I pen down my thoughts in a few verses. And bingo, we have what I like to call a poem.

I know many people usually take hours or days to write one, to perfect it, to complete it, while for me it just happens there and then. Maximum an hour and I have it ready. Maybe cos its pretty clear of what I want or what I have on my mind for it. And I just know thats it. And I dont have much to add, its complete.

Recently, I have been working on a poem for a few days now, which is quite new to me. And its strange also for the reason that everyday I look at it differently and have something else to add. Maybe cos I want to fit in everything that I have on mind, or maybe its still not a complete picture that I am preparing with words. I am always certain of what I am looking at, but this time, it doesnt seem the case.

Whatever the case maybe, its a pleasure to read it and smile for I still dont know whats more to come. I am in no hurry as I have all the time in the world and I would rather enjoy the ride than the destination.

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  1. J says:

    Yeah, I also feel the same….Sometimes u just get a feel….I mean I can’t define it but u feel like writing….at such times words themselves fall in place, lines start to rhyme on their own……

    Liked ur blogpage…..Can u send me the links of your favourite posts here….as I don’t think I can go thru all of them…..

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