Guys are not easy to understand?

In the words of one of my intelligent friends:

Girls are easy to understand, but when it comes to guys, bloody you can never know it for sure. They are the most difficult breed to understand.

Ouch !!
And I was told that we were the difficult lot :-p

She debated and won… maybe cos its true??
or maybe cos I was too sleepy to fight back :-)

But the fact remains, we (he he.. I am taking pride of being in this party!!) are atleast vocal about our feelings and one can never know for sure what a guy is thinking or feeling.

No wonder we blah blah blah a lot :lol:

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One Response to Guys are not easy to understand?

  1. vikas says:

    thats wrong!!! guys are comparatively easier to understand than girls….remember the line from a famous song-“sochti hain jyada kam woh samajhti hain dil kuch kehta hai kuch aur hi karti hain….khud mein uljhi rahe ”
    seriously wish u girls were like guys,,the whole world wud have been a better place to live 😀 “nakhre” word is only associated with females

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