Google Adsense: Make money while blogging?

Ever since I started blogging, I wasnt ever in the favour of putting advertisements in my blog. But with the amount of traffic coming in, a discussion with Robins one day just led to this idea of “trying this too”.

I wasnt expecting anything fancy as its alien talk to me and my site isnt that hep and happening either (by tech standards). But I am quite happy to learn the results. Within a span of about 10-15 days I have recovered the cost of my domain name 🙂
Not bad at all!!

I would seriously recommend

for making money while blogging.

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  1. you know who says:

    what’s next? selling links for 9 dollars a piece?

    you should check out . and start recommending people to use it with your affiliate link just like you are doing here in this post. so that you can make that extra cash.

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