Good or Bad ??

There is no one way by which you can explain and interpret human behaviour. Infact its impossible to claim to have understood and known someone completely. Just when you think you know someone, an all together new facet is revealed to you.

When you label someone as bad, think if thats really so? Or is it just your perception? Are they beyond your reach, or its just the circumstances? And to make matters worse, you are responsible for those circumstances?

When you like someone, you just do so without any reasoning. Despite the various instances that they do bad to you, or atleast thats what it seems on the face of it. You will forgive them for thousand sins and many more. And when you hate someone, you dont need a reason to do so. You just hate them for no rhyme or reason. No explanation given, no explanation required.

So, the deeds dont play much of a role in making you like or dislike someone. I guess nobody is good or bad. Its your thinking that makes them so.

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4 Responses to Good or Bad ??

  1. harry says:

    yup…nobody is good or bad….. 😀

  2. Who Cares says:

    The entire concept of good/bad is relative. What you may consider good, some one else may consider bad and just for the sake of it – vice versa. You do reach the right conclusion that no one is good or bad but not by the right deductive logic. Good or Bad is an question around ethics. Our society is based upon the most accepted definition of “Good” or “Bad” and anything against this definition is considered a rebellious. Stealing is considered bad, however stealing to save some one’e life may be considered good. Typically, anything virtuous is considered good, however I think anything honorable is good. Vitue is concerned with what you do. Honor is concerned with how you do it.
    And therefore some time or other, all of us do the “Bad” thing but for the “Good” reasons and that’s when we all cross the line.
    One should not base opinon about some one by what they do, but rather how they do it. Think about it!!

  3. Varshita says:

    Exactly. There are no universal concepts of Good or bad. Its pretty relative and context specific.
    I completely agree with what you said and I guess thats what i based my conclusion upon.

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