Good old school days

Have you ever taken time off lately to sit back, relax and notice what was life like way back in school? The time you enjoyed, the friends you made, the mistakes you did, the crushes you had…..

Now it all seems so funny, so stupid, yet so fresh in the memory as if it happenned just yesterday. I dont think I will ever forget the time I spent in school. They surely were the best years of my life.

I remember quite vividly how excited I used to be every friday, which meant a 5 Rs pocket money to eat our lunch at the school canteen. I still wonder how on earth was a pack of fun flips enough as lunch back then!!

Good old school days:

  • when birthday meant distributing the fanciest of toffees which never went beyond 1 Rs per head. And now even a 100 Rs per head for a party doesnt seem enough.
  • when getting up at six in the morning was not a big deal as it is now an agenda in itself
  • when saturday night was meant for night long sessions of video games, used to loveeeeeeeee mario. And I used to be luigi as my sis always got to play first.
  • when I never prepared my bag at night, and my sis was just perfect in doing that. Infact she would always complain of me putting all the crap in my bag, even the remains of the  sharpened pencil could be found in it… yuck !!
  • when using foul language made you get that “oh my gawd” look
  • when being a prefect at school was a big deal for me
  • when I used to be embarassed by my dad dropping me off to school in his fiat πŸ™‚ I also remember having composed a song titled “mere papa ki khatara fiat”. Now when I look back, I feel stupid and wonder how hurt he must have been by my stupendous acts…… πŸ™‚ but he never complained. muah to him !!
  • when I used to buy chooran and aam papad from a roadside seller after school
  • when standing in the corridor was supposed to be “hep”
  • when winter vacation, summer vacation, autumn break were a reality, and a normal affair
  • when I used to leave home with socks pulled up, and were fashionably pulled down once I reached school
  • when the length of the skirt went shorter with the passage of time πŸ˜€
  • when phone calls were oh-so-waited for and the phone was banged as soon as dad came back home
  • when milk was dreaded in the morning (still is!!) and flushed down the washbasin as soon as mom went out of sight…. yeah yeah we were damn naughty… specially vineeta, she hardly took milk after class IX. Once she left the milk on table intentionally, pretending that she forgot to drink it since she was in a hurry. And guess what!! My dad in his night suit went to her bus stop with that glass of milk… Oh boy that was fun !!
  • when the day of PTA was dreaded more that the day of result declaration
  • when I hated the fact that I could never be Number 1, and always got stuck to second position in class.
  • when teachers were always right and parents considered us at fault for everything that went wrong
  • when answering a question in class was a big achievement
  • when movies were meant only to be watched on TV. The first movie that I can recall that my dad took us for was Hum aapke hain kaun, that too atleast 6 months after its release only cos his friends had appreciated th emovie !!
  • when chitrahaar, then superhit mukabla and then DD metro was our mini doze to the la la land.
  • when there used to be a curfew on watching cable TV
  • when make up was alien and deodrant a luxury
  • when summer vacation meant our annual trip to some beautiful place with dad, where he would be busy looking for an STD booth to call back his office to know the status of affairs.
  • when childrens park and appu ghar were heaven and a routine for every sunday
  • when fighting for a window seat in the school bus was a matter of life and death
  • and then slowly when standing in the bus was preffered to sitting
  • when holiday homework was completed on the last day of the holidays
  • when “kutti” and “abba” were an integral concept
  • when antakshari was the safest bet to kill time
  • when name place animal thing were the best games to play
  • when mamta kulkarni was the hottest actress around (yuck!!!!!!!!!!)
  • when we gifted kishan kumar’s posters to the friends we didnt like **wicked me**
  • when kissing scenes in movies which were depicted through two flowers coming together, or the two beaks of birds, were enough to embarass us
  • when teasing any gal who was caught talking to a guy was fun
  • when rakhi was the most dreaded festival for guys and valentines for girls
  • when talking to a guy on phone was kept hush hush
  • when any guy friend was equated to BF by friends
  • when being a class monitor meant being teachers pet
  • when we longed to be teachers pet
  • when cheating was ok when we were doing it and not so ok when others were trying to cheat from us
  • when we hated sharing our best friends
  • when exposure was so limited and yet life was a wonderful experience

Life has moved on, and so have we, our ideas, concepts, and our emotions too. Life still has a lot instore for us, its just that we no longer have the time to enjoy small bits of it πŸ™‚

(This post was written while sitting in a school library, watching school kids enjoy their stint there, completely unaware of its importance in their life and what they will miss once they are out of there.)

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5 Responses to Good old school days

  1. Rahul Gupta says:

    aaaah! u made me remember those good old memories.
    I want to be a kid again.

  2. Anurag says:

    varshita, that was such a quick and refreshing recap of my own childhood πŸ™‚
    except that instead of fiat car, there was a scooter, instead of chooran there were mango/orange/milk icecream candies, instead of second position in class, it was 14th position πŸ™‚

  3. Am already very much living in my past, this made me go deeper πŸ˜›

  4. Varshita says:

    oh ya…. mango bar used to be fun… and even Cola-bar πŸ˜€

  5. shershah says:

    hi dear all

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