Getting personal? Not any more

Past few weeks, ok ok…maybe for a long time now I have been making a public display of my displeasures and irritation from people and life in general. I have many people from my real world reading my feelings and views up here in the virtual world. And this isnt working.

While it has at times hurt people, it has also irritated, at times disgusted and made a few angry too. My apologies to all concerned.

So I guess its a well awaited decision and a conscious effort from my side that from this day onwards, this site shall not get a feed of my personal feelings. I shall discuss about issues in general. But no personal references.

Time for me to chill and let others chill too !!

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7 Responses to Getting personal? Not any more

  1. Barso says:

    that is your decency to apologize to those people and put a hault to such future expression of your personal feelings despite the fact that this YOUR blog and you are entitled to freely express your feelings. i think your friends and family should appreciate your honesty in expressing those feelings and opinions instead of gettin angry or disgusted by them.

    you are a good person dude.

  2. life is a compromise…at times it does not hurt to be identityless …

  3. Varshita says:

    Well, you cant vanish in thin air after having invited people for a carnival around you on your expense!!

  4. wats in a name says:

    i am tlking of my experience…..standing on other side of river…..

  5. Varshita says:

    Well, you are enjoying being identityless, you can afford it here !!

  6. vikas says:

    it’s ur blog…still u care (o o)
    try to be what u r…if u think too much abt ppl u wont be able to continue for long

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