Friends getting married

School Friend: I am getting married !!
Me: What !!… Why ??
SF: What do you mean why… I am getting married cos I am. 😛

And she did yesterday. So people from my batch have officially started settling down. My best friend from school got married and seemed pretty happy doing that. It was me who was more numb than her, more quiet and even more shocked. Infact my first reaction when I saw her in her bridal finery was “So you are actually getting married?”. 😮

Me: Are you happy?
Her: Well I feel good when I see my parents being happy when they interact or meet him.

Is that enough reason for one to marry? What about your own happiness? Now that shouldnt have been this disturbing for me. But funnily it was and still is. I dont know why. Maybe cos she let go of her happiness for her familys? Maybe cos its too wierd for me? Maybe cos I just dont know !

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2 Responses to Friends getting married

  1. manu says:

    yeh aaram ka mamala hi apun ke choice ka mamala hi …yahi hai rigt choice baby….
    guss who i am ?

  2. Varshita says:

    No clue !
    Mind enlightening me?

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