France is doomed

Zidanne gets a red card in his last world cup. huh
This world cup has come up with such unexpected moments.

Italy deserves the cup.

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4 Responses to France is doomed

  1. Barso says:

    there really were some unexpected moments. very sad to see Zidane end his career this way. but the cup is in good hands. italy did good, even though i would have loved see Brazil, or Argentina, or France to win. maybe next time.

  2. Rahul Gupta says:

    The Zidane incident was a real shocker to me. But i still love him.

  3. Barso says:

    the italian guy must have said something really bad for him to react like that. and of course, an incident like that can’t make us hate him. i actually hate the italian for whatever he said. Zidane is still THE MAN!!

  4. Yeah he did say something bad but Zidane started the bad stuff… read more at wiki while its still there 😀

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