I had a discussion with a friend on this topic and this is what emerged from it.�

We all know to err is human and to forgive� Divine.Forgiveness is something that is not to be meant for others. Its meant for yourself. Its something you give to yourself not to others. You simply let go. Let go of the hurt, Pain, and harsh memories. You dont do for others but� for your own self.

If u dont forgive the person who has wronged you, you continue to suffer for what they did and for they didnt do to you. At one given point of time u start asking� questions to your self.� Do u want to waste your time, energy and future on a certain issue? If the answer is no then the matter is closed. All is forgiven.

Forgiveness takes time and forgetting takes even more. Our focus should be on healing not on the hurt. Its not possible to have a blissful present unless and until� we dont heal the hurt and wrong doings of the past. There is no future in the past.

That� friend tells me “Always forgive a person but never forget his name”. 😐

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  1. the_wizard says:

    dont forget “his” name

    hmm what about if the person is a “her”


  2. Varshita says:


    Shubhank you will get banned if you spam 😆

  3. the_wizard says:

    **sits in the corner**

  4. Varshita says:


  5. vikas says:

    good stuff

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