Fooled you !!

Its very easy. All you need to do is put a mask of smile even when you are not happy and it will go unnoticed.

I did it and it worked!!

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4 Responses to Fooled you !!

  1. wats in a name says:

    Truth is often not beautiful……

    somewhere deep inside we all crave for tat attention/love/cynosure of eye feeling….degree may vary with person to person but the feeliing is universally true…..we realize to achieve this status we need to be good/best …and have to hide our failures…..

    this lead us to pretend…..not necessarily the motive behind ur action…but……we humans I hope was not as complicated as we r….

  2. ritika grover says:

    i dont think sooo…its not sooo easy to fool ur true friends;-)

  3. Barso says:

    Covering one’s unhappiness with the ‘mask of smile’ is, I believe, a good thing to do. Just because you are sad doesnt mean others around you should be sad as well. The image you exert directly affects how people around you feel. If a smiling face can’t make everyone else around you smile, it at least has a positive effect on them. A sad face just as effective, but with a negative impact.

    So by ‘fooling’ others in this way, you are doing something good for them. which is cool.

  4. Varshita says:

    I hope that doesnt come when I would be fooled by myself. … when I wont know my true emotion…

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