I just decided to give my mini reviews about the restaurants I visit frequently and their speciality to help others pick and choose places for eating out in delhi.

This time I went to Flavours.

Flavours is located right next to the Moolchand flyover near Defence Colony. It specialises in Italian food and I believe that their speciality is their special brick / clay oven that they use to bake amazing variety of Pizzzzaz.

Nice, cosy place for lunch / dinner. Pleasant service, which takes its own time, and seem to be in no hurry whatsoever. I advise that you reach on time , say 1 pm for lunch, or else you will face a waiting queue to be seated. Yes the place is pretty popular despite not being so visibly located.

My recommendation would be Quattro Satrioni ( a mix of four variety of pizzaz in one -a quarter for each- effectively two pieces for each kind) and Chicken Lasagne. Pastas are great too. They offer quite a variety in that respect too. An average meal for two should come between Rs. 600-800 sans drinks.

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13 Responses to Flavours

  1. vineeta says:

    So you had chicken in navratras!! God is watching you.

  2. Varshita says:

    I did not !! 🙁

  3. Rishi says:

    God watches us everyday, not in particular navratras only. Either you are vegetarian or you are not. Hypocrites are the ones who follow double standards and become vegetarian in ‘navratras’ only.

  4. Varshita says:

    excuse me !!
    whats has hypocracy got to do with it???

    Then you might as well question why do people fast? cos on other days they eat, right?…. so they too should be hyporites that they are trying to fast just for one day !!

  5. Robins says:

    >> Hypocrites are the ones who follow double standards

    … its your point of view I guess.

    I believe that concepts like fasting / diet changes at navratras, are all but a societal way of enforcing a good dieting regime. It sounds heavy I know, but at least blindly considering this as universal hypocracy is pure idiocracy.

    By the way, hypocracy rises from pretense, where as fasting rises from belief.

    Perspective my friend, … perspective.

  6. Varshita says:

    Reads *faints*
    Gathers courage to get up and look at the screen *faints again*

    What was that??

    A big bouncer for me!!

  7. Robins says:

    … originally taken from Rang-De-Basanti…

    Jaane kitno ki takdeerein badalni hai tumhein,
    Jaane kitnon ko abhi raaste pe laana hai tumhein,
    Lakeeron ko badalne ka hunar jaanti ho tum,
    Lakeeron se bahut aage jaana hai

  8. Varshita says:



  9. Rishi says:

    Varsh..there are so many ifs and buts in this world so lets not get into what I might say or not say. In navratas someone turns vegetarion to pay obeisance to God,does his responsibility ends once navratra period is over? I think so not, so why start eating again. Wont it be cruelty against animals then? To cut the long story short if you have faith in particular religion , it should be 365 days a week and not on a particular day or for particular period.
    This is the fact whether you agree or not. I don’t think you will let these views appear on your website as they are not in harmony to what you think.

    Dude Robins.. Thanks for guessing it right that this was my point of view. I am impressed by your intelligence. Keep it up!! Hats off to ‘your’ perspective for letting us know that you need society to administer ‘your’ dieting regime.. what else I can say? You have really a long way to go..

    I hope universe extends beyond your computer..your room..your house your intersection. Ciao

  10. Robins says:

    Rishi: The way you look at things, probably you’re right. Didn’t want a sarcastic argument, and anyway, there certainly isn’t any point arguing on it.

    Besides, the poor girl was talking about something far-far away from this topic 😮 … and then, partly apologize for meandering into the world of philosophy and perceiption.

    Varsh … your turn 🙂

  11. Varshita says:

    umm rishi, why do i get a feel that i know you?

    anyways… back to the topic. Hinduism has been the most liberal religion of all. Whether you eat non-veg or not you are still a hindu. And the very fact that you quit non-veg or avoid it for a few days in navratras is only your faith or is your gesture of giving up something for some sentimental reasons. Nothing to do with duping god under some well planned strategy.

    Its not written anywhere that it needs to be done. And my faith in the religion or in god is in no way reflected through what i eat and when i eat it. I feel like doing it, and i do… simple. Not proving it to anyone. 🙂

  12. Rishi says:

    Varsh..well I am 11,648 kms away from you, so chances are remote that you know me but this is a small world so we never know.

    It is a free society and everyone has the right to uphold his personal views, but I beg to differ from you. I’ll leave it for later on…anyways we are heading into a long weekend. Have fun! Take care

  13. Bansari says:

    Wow… you were talking about food and where did it lead to! Guess thats the fun of having a blog!!! 🙂
    But, coming back to Flavours… it lives upto its name… 🙂 Amazing food, and I say that because I have had authentic Italian food and I am biased about this place because I have good memories over there… 🙂

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