Finding you…

I have been looking all around to find you
to hear you through the radio silence
for a reassurance that you are still mine
clinging on that last hope that keeps me afloat
a silver lining to take me ahead
and believe in every word that you said.

I have been looking all around to find you
and when i did…
you were lost in the shadows of the world
all trying to claim a piece of you
while you waited for the black sky to turn blue
I wish you were mine, untouched by the world
I could take you away and hide you from the preying eyes
I would if you say so, as I am done living the lies.

There was a time I would hear you laugh, tease and smile
and now I dont even recollect the feel of your skin or the colour of your eyes
I hope to find you soon
as I fear I am losing my emotion, memories of our time together
But most of all, I fear I will lose you before I even find you.

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