Farewell to my first batch

Friday was the farewell for the first batch of students I taught. And I am definately keeping my fingers crossed for their performance 😛

This one year has taught me more than what I had learnt in the 3 years of my job. The urge to perform like the teachers I looked up to only made me realise the amount of hardwork that went in making each lecture memorable. It wasnt just about going in there, standing and dictating notes. It was more. It was about striking a chord with each child. Letting them speak. Even if that didnt make sense. Atleast they started thinking, even if it was in the wrong direction. Cos I would eventually steer them to where they are supposed to reach.

It taught me to be patient. A lot more. They say, In this profession you cant survive if you arent patient. I remember my sister and dad used to test my patience many a times and I always lost. I still do many a times. I remember whenever I got irritated on the silly questions asked by my sister, she just reminded me of how I would tackle the same had it been asked from my student. And yeah somewhere it hit. My students asked wierd questions, some which even made me think “what!!, you are still stuck there??“. But, I had to stop where I was to bring clarity to their thought.

I had to study far more to teach them. I had to open the floor for discussion. I had to get down to their level, bringing examples that they could relate to. Arousing curiosity by asking questions that I once had when I sat on those benches.

I made them cry for the work they didnt do on time, and how I regretted doing that when I went home. But I was happy when they valued deadlines. Felt elated when the next time, they submitted well in time.

I was glad when my group (16 students that I mentored) had far better collections than any other group. I promised them for equal rewards and I kept them too. I gave them a 2 week delay in the submission deadline than the other groups and oh, did they LOVE that. Group 6 was famous for its COOL tutorial incharge (modesty? whats that!!). Little did the class realise what went in making those 16 outshine the others. I wanted each one of them to gain as much as they could during their stay. I wanted each of my student to do better than the best. And I sincerely hope that they do.

Many a times, I was very casual with them, something which my colleagues advised me against. Whenever I was in my room, accepting files, assignments I was a tough cookie. And when I was on a stroll, in library, I was one amongst them. I shared what I had learnt. Told them the tricks of the trade, gave them tips for answering questions, ideas to work upon and dreams to nurture.

On friday when I bid my students farewell, I asked them to remember and hold on to what they had learnt during this phase as it will help them in their teaching profession, but they gave me what will remain with me forever in my life, for my life. They gifted me with what they thought I was to them- “Best of Inspiration” book.

When there are days when I feel I have had enough of this profession and I am bored beyond belief and its probably time to call it quits, it is the moments like these that keep me going.

Here is wishing my batch of 2006-2007, All the very best !

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