Europe, an year back…

I just realised its been exactly an year that I returned from a month long training cum vacation in Europe. So I thought let me just put the best pictures of the places I visited (Germany, Belgium, Holland, France).

My personal favourite however remains this one…. when we filled Holland (Enschede) with the colours of India. As part of my training, I visited a few schools in Holland. And this is one of the students sporting BINDI that we gave them as they really liked them on our foreheads and wanted to have them too.

Girl with Bindi

The campus of University of Twente, Holland was amazingly plush green, with some beautiful birds flying here and there.

Bird at UT

Thats Susan Mckenny in the UT campus trying to pluck some flowers for her desk.


Almost everyday after our training, I visited the Enschede market for some fun. This is one sexy car that I found there.

Sexy car

How can it happen that you go to holland and not visit Amsterdam, Duh !! BTW the airport is at Amsterdam. And yes, I DIDNT do what you might think I should or could have done. I remember some IIFA awards were scheduled for Amsterdam that time, when we were there. And I did see a few stars flying here and there. Details later.

Amsterdam Ship

On one weekend, I visited Koln in Germany. As soon as you get out of the station, you notice this extremely huge, old cathedral which is the landmark for Koln.




What I really liked about Holland was the simplicity of its houses and some pointy church tops. This one was taken in Henglo, Holland.

Henglo church

And this cute little gal is Jennifer, whom I met in one of the schools in Henglo. Doesnt she look pretty much Indian? (Some would say mexican, right??)


The next place for visit was Brugge in Belgium. It has been declared as a world heritage site by the UN. And these pictures can speak a lot about the reason why !!


Brugge, Belgium

Brugge Architecture

Streets of Brugge

church in brugge

Imagine a girl visiting the world’s diamond hub and not purchasing even a single one?? Imagine what I went through !! This is Antwerp in Begium.




After three weeks in Holland, I flew to Nice in Southern France which is called the french riveria. Its a small place on the coast of France. And you can actually touch the medditeranean sea. You bet I did despite the freezing temperature !! Here is the full view of Nice.

Full view of Nice, France

Monaco and Monte-Carlo are pretty close to Nice and were next on the itinerary. This is Monaco. I remember how someone was keen to see pictures of Monaco only to see where the Formula 1 races are held.


Apart from the change of guards at the palace of Monaco’s Prince, it was the grand church of Monaco that enthralled me. It was just so beautiful !!

Monaco Church



Now this is the famous Casino of Monte-Carlo. I lost some 20 euroes in slot machines 🙁

Casino Monte Carlo

Then I reached the heart of France, Paris. And one of the wonders of the world, the Eiffel Tower.




It was during evening time that I reached Eiffel, and since I decided to go to the 11th floor, thats the highest you can go, I managed to see an awesome sunset over paris.

sunset in paris

After a while, the evening in paris looked like this.

Evening in paris

The Notterdam church of Paris.


Notterdam church

Their Parliament.


I have forgotten the name of this place. This fountain thing was bang opposite some big pole which had a gold top. Given my pea sized memory, you cant really blame me.


And finally, The Louvre. The pyramid shaped glass is the entrance for the museum.


And again. this structure I dont remember its name. This is was right opposite Louvre.

Structure in Paris

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  1. I didnt count how many coins I lost as a kid on those slot machines… It was in Nepal long ago, the only place I have been out of India yet 🙂 keep trying the luck lol.

  2. Varshita says:

    He He He
    I was lucky in nepal. But that was way back in 1988.
    Seems like I aint lucky anymore……

  3. No, the luck has moved on to some other work you do, no betting and gambling anymore 😆

  4. Varshita says:

    Not fair at all. Just when you grow up to understand the tricks of the trade, the lady luck decides to trade places. 🙁

  5. Rishi says:

    The entertainment district is amazing in Amesterdam. Everything is legal from smoking pot to the ### museums. The cafetarias on sidewalk are amazing in Paris. Hope you checked it all and had fun.

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