Do we still need to question the role of technology in education?

Today I was attending an International Seminar organised by Indian association of Teacher Education and Commonwealth of learning on the topic ” E-Learning in Teacher Education” at my alma mater Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi. Now even though the topic seems relevant, but the content of the papers presented there was anywhere but close to the theme per se.

Rather than focussing on the strategies to incorporate ICT in teacher education, the presenters lost focus and started the debate on its need. The whole talk about application of technology in education has no meaning if we are still questioning its very existence and importance. I think its high time we get out of the debate of whether to have or not have technology incorporation in education in India. We have come way ahead of that menial debate. Its time to focus on its application and the ways we can make the best out of the opportunities available rather than to sit and scrutanise whether its beneficial or not.

I remember the quote of Mother Teresa which fits just perfectly here.

“If you keep judging people, you are left with no time to love them”

For over a decade we have been holding discussions and questioning ICT’s credentialities in improving the teaching-learning process. We know it does. We all know it. But the teacher is scared. Scared to use the technology. Scared that the technology will replace him. Scared to accept change. Scared to find his student doing better for a change than him in the classroom. Scared to see him having more knowledge than him. We are happy with the attitutde of complacency and indifference towards it all. Aren’t we?

Its high time we move on and accept it and look for ways and means to make the most out of what we have today before its too late. Time to refresh and reload before we get lost in the whirlpool of technology invasion and knowledge explosion.

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