Dish TV quality sucks

We took up Dish Tv connection from december itself following the CAS regulation in south Delhi. And it has been a pain in all the wrong places since the very first month of installation.

I am bugged right now because for the past two days it simply stops working at 9.50pm when my current favourite serial ‘Virrudh’ is at its peak and climax. It is so damn irritating that you just cant imagine.

I havent yet started complaining about the fact that despite we having opted for the “All channel” subscription, all the channels never work properly. The signal strength and quality is weak and they show up as and when they wish to and most hours of teh day it simply shows some error. And yes when it rains, it simply shuts down. No channel is available on display.

The trouble started from January itself when they started asking for next month’s rental despite the fact that they were advertising hugely across all over Delhi that if you take up Dish tv now then you dont need to pay anything for next 6 months. For over 20 days in Jan-Feb it was shut down from their end on account of non-payment. Still nothing. They started it and have been promising to extend our period to 6 months 20 days. Lets see how far do they stick to that.

And to top it all their customer care is PATHETIC. They do anything but care for customers. Despite numerous complaints about it all, till date we havent seen a response from their side. Not a single one !!

I think it was the worst choice made and I have been told Tata Sky is far far better.

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