Desperate Housewives

This happens to be my favourite television drama series since they stopped showing Ally McBeal (Friends not included in this category). What I like most about this series is that at the end of each episode they have this female voice (that of a dead character) summing up a simple fact of life. And I just love it !!

Today it was about fathers and I liked it so much that right after the end of the episode I came online to make a post about it. Here are a few lines from the episode.

There are such great fathers in the world that in their absence everything seems to fall apart.

There are great fathers who start loving us even before we arrive.

There are great fathers in the world who come looking for us when everyone else has slept.

And the best are those who make the women in their lives feel that they are good mothers. (my personal favourite :))

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  1. the_wizard says:

    boo….Lost pwns desperate housewives any day.

  2. Varshita says:


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