Daadi ma ke nuskhe?

I remember when I was pretty young, say about 10 or 12, my teeth used to hurt whenever I had icecreams cos I was not so regular at brushing twice a day. But that was then. I brush regularly now, thank you.

So, the point was, I remember those days, my daadi used to tell me to brush my teeth with mustard oil and salt to make them strong and white. I have done that a few times and can tell you how yuck that is.

Today while watching Tv with my dad, I saw this advertisement of close-up with salt and the old memories came back. And I asked my dad, so whats next? Close-up with mustard oil?

We all are returning to our roots, our culture. Be it through Baba Ramdev, or through such products. The truth remains that there is a lot to know and gain from our heritage.

But still….. You better brush your teeth!

err… with a toothpaste (with or without salt).

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