Confused state of mind

What if you are just 9 hours away from your examination, and after having read all the books, study material, readings….everything…you realise it doesnt make any sense? You cant seem to find its utility in your future? Only that it would fetch you a good degree and help in your career prospects?

It seems all meaningless and you are doing itร‚ pretty mechanically. Either the syllabus needs a rather neat revamping or the education system.

Or maybe me ๐Ÿ˜€

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3 Responses to Confused state of mind

  1. Nikhil says:

    naah definately the syllabus ….. I was made to study Physics and Chemistry for my Computer Science branch ๐Ÿ˜

    I mean what the hell …. Okay I can understand some Physics but CHEMISTRY …. holy crap ! I somehow got passed in that boring subject ! Thank God I don’t have to live with it anymore …

    Why can’t we JUST study the subjects we need for our jobs ? I love Computer Science and any subject directly related to it …

  2. Varshita says:

    Now thats one liberty a student hardly gets in school in India. In that case I prefer International baccalaureate and IGCSE, all international accreditions instead of CBSE. They provide a wide range of options to the students to select the courses they want to study at surface level and at specialisation level. No wonder our school education system faces a high drop out rate. It aims at filling the minds of the students will the knowledge rather than equipping them with what they need for their jobs.
    I am yet to understand the utility of Vectors and 3D that I studied in class XI and XII. What is the purpose of such education, which has no use in our future lives. Only if someone could explain that to me!!

  3. vikas says:

    The only problem is that the education system is pretty old and lot of things have not been modified since they were introduced. May be they were of great importance at that time but now the situation has changed and improved a lot…. today world sees us as a fast developing economy, an outsourcing hub… so the courses shud be revamped considering the needs of the industry… the more the education system is linked to industry the better it is for we ppl and then we wud be able to appreciate what is thr in the syllabus…

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