Conflict of values

*As a matter of principle, I avoid blogging about my workplace or my boss or colleagues. This post is in no way directed towards them. After having read my so-called statutory warning, you may continue reading.

There is a thought that has been bothering me for a while now and I dont know how important or relevant it is for survival in todays world.

What happens when you realise that your personal values are in conflict with the organisational values? Doesnt it then become difficult for you to continue working in such an environment? Or is it that it needs to be taken like a pinch of salt and be ignored as if its none of your business. Does it happen that ways, that you work, you get paid. Period? No one’s hired you to do moral policing for them so you shut your values crap?

What if, what you consider as a malpractice is the “normal” means for them to adopt in their practices? Are you supposed to go along with it, ignoring your ideals and value base? Or are you supposed to raise your voice against such acts? And what if, even after you have raised such an issue, its met with the “you dont need to worry about it” response?

Then what??

You forget it all and go along with it as if there existed no such issue and your memory fails to recognise its existence in your system forever? Or you half-heartedly agree to whatever thats said and done? Or worse still, you dont agree with them, but still go along?

Either ways, you sail with them. At the end of the day, are you not equally responsible as them by contributing to the same act?

A friend of mine confirmed these acts by saying that, almost everyone today resorts to such practices. Its just that their frequency and depth varies. Sab chor hai… bas koi chota hai aur koi bada. They save their face by saying its done for the job.

But why should one compromise one’s values because of paapi pait? Is money so damn important today that you cant even dare to stand for what you believe in? Or is it the fear of being different? I thought earlier it was considered hep to be different. Then why not in such scenarios, where you raise your voice and standup against unfair practices? Have people stopped valuing leave alone practicing these age-old virtues?

But then thats too much of a wishful thinking for a day like today. Maybe its the Munnabhai’s Gandhigiri talking.

But then thats me….

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  1. Karthiksn says:

    Its not just you many people think like that but end up walking on the path they never wished. Well you do find many people making difference in their own though gandhigiri as such yields no result in a corrupt country like ours. Even the damn citizens are corrupted, so what you think is not only your thought but maybe hundred others think like that.

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