Chor mumbai… slow mumbai

I never really liked the city and my experiences in the past couple of days have only confirmed my belief.

I ventured out for the first time, all by myself to buy a reliance connection, only to be duped or rather misled by the representative into recharging for a scheme that made my primary scheme lapse. Total loss – more than 500 bucks.

And I am not even planning to discuss the pain of waiting for an hour even when I was the first customer in the damn queue. Call to hubby – “I hate mumbai”. It was after an hour long bickering and 22 hr wait that the scheme was revived, but I still lost 100 bucks.

My foray in the new city led me to go grocery shopping, my second best past time post sleeping. Godrej’s Nature Fresh is just around the corner, and the name and excess hours at hand lured me into the store. I assure you I had nothing to do with it. Awesome brands, a few that I know of and a lot that I had never heard of. A few fruits and vegetables and my bill was close to a thousand bucks. Boy ! Did I do some grocery shopping!!

I assumed it normal going by my past experience at Hypercity which scares me to death each time I try and recall it. No, Dont even bother to ask, cos I aint sharing. Its too expensive for me to share.

Anyways back to godrej, after paying the hefty vegetable bill, I for once thought of checking it. I am not sure what conspired that, since Varshita for one is not known to behave in such an erratic manner. I learnt how extravagantly costly the babycorns were… just abt 300 bucks for 100 gms. Ouch !! The last time I checked I was still in India.

I blamed myself since I wasnt wearing my contacts, but my delhi genes werent quite ready to stay quiet and muttered to the cashier how cheap the babycorns were in Our DELHI. And was I in for a surprise. The pack read 30 bucks while I was charged 300 bucks for that pack of babycorn.

Another frantic call to my dear hubby. Subject and content of the call – “I HATE MUMBAI. PERIOD”.

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6 Responses to Chor mumbai… slow mumbai

  1. Shubhank says:


    Mumbai > Everything else…

  2. vineet says:

    if you really really really hate mumbai…

    Please leave :))
    no ones stopping you!!!

  3. preet says:

    haha….fr a delhites, mumbai s*cks bigtime i guess….mumbai hasnt gt dat ‘jaan’ dat delhi’s gt !!

    delhi rcks !!!

  4. Nisha says:

    Hi..was just going thru’ ur blog and found something abt Mumbai…
    pls can someone genuinely tell me abt Mumbai, cost of living, getting a good job (Finance), house rent, domestic help et all…

    I’m from Bangalore & I have never been to Mumbai.. me n my hubby are planning to shift to Mumbai soon…

    Positives and negatives abt the city – both welcome…


  5. karan says:

    I cant believe you lady!! This is not mumbai. Or u just have a bias against it!! Gosh… someone from delhi shouldnt be here. Iv been in delhi 8 years till 2000…and u cant meet worse people. Agressive, loud, show offs and cheats. Darn punjus.

    thank god yr stay in mumbai ended. can do without cynics.


  6. hehehe…

    I felt exactly like this about Delhi.In my view at that time I considered it place full of goons and theifs.But after brief stay for over a year my views change.

    What happened to you in Mumbai could have happened or must have already happened in Delhi.
    Its just that it got noticed here.

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