Change – One word thats enough to rock your world !

Yup it swings both ways. Can rock your world in all senses. Good bad ugly… any which way.

Ironically it is also one topic on which I have conducted quite a few trainings and yet when it comes to the practical implementation I find myself trying not to take the bait.

Our behaviour is quite like a leach. We like to stick on to things even when its time to move on cos we like to stick on.. or we want it that ways … aah reminds me of the old backstreet boys song.

Allright lets not regress from the topic at hand.

Its quite true that we humans have a tendency of liking status quo. Happy to be where we are or even when we are not, its too much of an effort to make that change.

Few things that are on my pending list which are slowly calling for change:

  • current job (definately tops the list)
  • sedantary lifestyle
  • shopping habits
  • actually even the current residence
  • To be honest I think I am scared about the aftermath of bringing about any change in the aforesaid areas. Specially the first one. Having to prove your worth once again, to build rapport with new colleagues, struggling to settle in… i can give you enough and more reasons to justify my stance. But the truth remains… Its time to move on !

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