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Irony of life

Puneet: Past is ancient history Me: but it still haunts ! God has a strange sense of humour. He ensures that I remember the stuff I so wish to forget. I wasnt wrong afterall. So feel like singing right now…. … Continue reading

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Just why?

Why do I take everything so personally? Why cant I just let it be?

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Is it possible?

That a person be nice to the whole damn world except for one? That you hold a set of values when you meet n interact with others and nothing of that exists when it comes to a few people? That … Continue reading

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A chaotic mind

I actually had to try hard to spell ‘hire’ while writing something. The options that came in my mind… hiar, hayer, hayre… Arggghhhh it was so damn irritating !

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I think…

I guess people are able to hurt me and disturb me only cos I let them have this privilege. I am so angry at myself today…

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I thought…

You had a conscience and a heart. You proved me wrong !

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I wasnt wrong afterall

Its been a month today. And yet there are no voices. I wrote this last year… so I guess I wasnt wrong afterall.

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