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Change – One word thats enough to rock your world !

Yup it swings both ways. Can rock your world in all senses. Good bad ugly… any which way. Ironically it is also one topic on which I have conducted quite a few trainings and yet when it comes to the … Continue reading

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Reliance lifetime validity expires?

Well I guess it does…. atleast mine did. But what I wasnt able to come with terms with was .. how can a lifetime validity expire? But as the executive at the counter tells me that there is a **conditions … Continue reading

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Chor mumbai… slow mumbai

I never really liked the city and my experiences in the past couple of days have only confirmed my belief. I ventured out for the first time, all by myself to buy a reliance connection, only to be duped or … Continue reading

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Its about time

…I stop being serious in life. …I start being practical …I stop being emotional …I start living in reality …I stop flying in my dreamland …I start caring a damn I think I was most happy in school. I cared … Continue reading

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I hate …

Men who say In the long run, teaching is the best field for ladies!!

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What kind of a life is that?

You are not what you pretend to be. You dont believe in what you are doing. You do what you dont believe in You cant get what you want You get what you didnt ask for And to top it … Continue reading

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It blows like a balloon

My legs are so swollen right now that I poked my finger to it and it left a mark as though there was a hole in it 😀 I was so keen to click a pic of it and post … Continue reading

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