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A chaotic mind

I actually had to try hard to spell ‘hire’ while writing something. The options that came in my mind… hiar, hayer, hayre… Arggghhhh it was so damn irritating !

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Its so damn strange

Just when I thought nobody could have a life worse than me, nobody could possibly be bearing the pain that I was going through, I meet this stranger. Well he is supposed to be my cousins cousin. So its neither … Continue reading

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Diet for the day

2 glasses of cold coffee and a plate of papaya. And I am still not hungry. There were days when I so wished that I could survive on such a diet, and today its not intentional. I have just lost … Continue reading

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How I write a poem?

I am not a born poet nor I claim to be one. But yes, every now and then at a spur of a moment I pen down my thoughts in a few verses. And bingo, we have what I like … Continue reading

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Where has the breakfast gone?

I remember my childhood days (and before you get started, let me clear the air, they arent that far away in history) and how breakfast was not something that required a special mention. It was there. Like any other normal … Continue reading

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Why do we dream while sleeping?

Arent we supposed to be resting while sleeping? Then why do we dream? Why is it that we remember a few of them and forget most of them? What do they mean? What is behind these dreams? Some unfulfilled aspirations? … Continue reading

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Fuck me baby !!

I am hot…so fuck me baby !! What is wrong with our youngsters today?? I had a glimse of some of the most atrocious T-shirt scribbles today and this was amongst one of them. Another one that caught my attention … Continue reading

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