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I dont know

I feel claustrophobic out here. Life is running by… I am yet to recover from the hangover of the pace of this city. No matter how much I love to blog… i cant find myself doing it anymore. There is … Continue reading

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Mocha Love… served hot n strong !

A dash of surprise, a streak of destiny a lot of spontaneity led a night of mystery time was dancing on the tunes of fate words were enticing the guard at the gate Journey began with expressions galore fear, excitement, … Continue reading

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If I ever put on a bumper sticker…

It would read… Ohhh, let me turn on the part of my brain that gives a damn.

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Strange but true

The most unassuming people end up having a love marriage!

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I hate …

Men who say In the long run, teaching is the best field for ladies!!

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It blows like a balloon

My legs are so swollen right now that I poked my finger to it and it left a mark as though there was a hole in it 😀 I was so keen to click a pic of it and post … Continue reading

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Titanic Two the surface: Jack’s back

If the trailer of the sequel of Titanic is anything to go by, it will surely be a rage but not as great as the original. Everyone knows Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) died in the original. But hold your breath he … Continue reading

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