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First female Indian Idol

Just a minute back India’s first female Indion Idol was chosen…. …and she sucks at singing. Wonder whats with people’s sense of music these days!

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Me and Ally Mcbeal

Sued for being emotional ! Guilty as charged.

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Cheeni Kum

I watched this movie in early June this year. And today while watching it again on Sony revived a few old memories. Its truly my kind of romantic movie…

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Who make for a sucessful pair?

This is an old post…. but since I am in a pretty odd mood, I have a lot of clearing up to do. Today while watching Kofee with karan, I heard Javed Akhtar say something that I always believed in. … Continue reading

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Its like chosing the best amongst the worse

Following the frequent no signal problem with Dishtv, I was seriously contemplating taking up Tatasky. But the review I just read here only depicts the sad state of DTH options available to the consumers. And I thought only Dishtv was … Continue reading

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Purab aur paschim

I remember when I was in school, during those adolescent years there was a huge clash of values at home. For those who dont have much of an idea of what it was all about, let me start of by … Continue reading

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Daadi ma ke nuskhe?

I remember when I was pretty young, say about 10 or 12, my teeth used to hurt whenever I had icecreams cos I was not so regular at brushing twice a day. But that was then. I brush regularly now, … Continue reading

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