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Ouch !!

Wishing on birthday is not allowed anymore. Especially when the person whom you are trying to wish, has a gf who doesnt approve of any interaction with you even if it is to wish him on his birthday !! And … Continue reading

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Life is a bitch

And the people in it are not any better. At times it seems all worthless to even try and be good to others. Cos at the end of the day, you dont get anything. You are the one who is … Continue reading

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I am not a kiddo!!

Even though the people around me would love to believe it otherwise. As far as I can remember I have always heard people calling me one. Nobody ever stopped to notice that I really wasnt one. Not anymore. And this … Continue reading

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And I lose the “exclusivity” of having visited that place … You did it !! damn.

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Flavour of the month?

It irritates me as much as it hurts me when I see people moving on with life oh-so-quickly with a snap of a finger. Its like people are like flavours and they just keep changing the flavour. Kal koi aur … Continue reading

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Fooled you !!

Its very easy. All you need to do is put a mask of smile even when you are not happy and it will go unnoticed. I did it and it worked!!

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Funkiest thing since I started blogging

For the first time I got a taste of people trying to hack into my site. Someone from a sify connection came and somehow managed to login my cpanel, redirected my site to an error page, changed my cpanel … Continue reading

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