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Happy New Year people !

So… its that time of the year again.. when u let the bygones be bygones and move on with a new beginning… a new story to look forward to. In simple words, new resolutions, new year, new thoughts, new promises…. … Continue reading

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Little Varshita

Was a killer back then too 😛 I was damn fashion conscious way back in late 1980s, even when I was all of 6-7. My family being the conservative kinds in that era had a ban on haircut for gals … Continue reading

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Guess what?

I almost forgot, but nevertheless, here is the pic for yesterday. I didnt feel like giving a label to it, so I would leave it on you people to guess what this is.

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The burnt candle

At some time or the other in our lives, we feel like a burnt candle.

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A picture a day

Starting today, I would be posting pictures that I would click every day. Its been a long time I clicked just for the heck of it. But today with the sudden rainfall I felt good doing it all over again … Continue reading

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