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David Beckham: Blame it on tradition

Caught kissing? No problems. Blame it on custom. In certain cultures not kissing twice is considered rude. And Spain is one such place. And this was the defence used by David Beckham when he was caught kissing a girl in … Continue reading

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Oralift: Youth is a smile away

So now you can turn back the biological clock without having to go under the knife. Gone are the days of cosmetic surgery, now dental specialists have made their way to restore youth. Special braces called Oralift, claim to stretch … Continue reading

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The Da Vinci Code cleared

Allright, so our government decided to let the movie get released a week after its worldwide premiere with an ‘A’ rating and a disclaimer in the beginning and at the end of the movie. Why twice??? Making sure that people … Continue reading

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Lisa Ray: The global gypsy??

Read an interview of Lisa Ray in HT about her forthcoming movie Water directed by Deepa Mehta and was appalled by her replies. Here is what she had to say about her bollywood career after a hit like Kasoor (excuse … Continue reading

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