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Its called addiction !


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Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai Final Fantasy X

I know its been a long time since I posted last. Not that I didnt find anything to write about, infact there is a lot that I havent written about here lately. So many new things, but I guess I … Continue reading

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I totally agree

Read this interesting bit from dooce’s site while browsing through her old posts. And if there is one thing I learned about life in that relationship it’s that if you enable certain people to take advantage of you, if you … Continue reading

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Yet another step…

I was so upset the last time I wrote a proper post that I had actually taken a sort of vow to not write for a while as I felt so disgusted by the whole issue. Anyways…the point being, whenever … Continue reading

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My technical advancements

Ok, this post is an update to the one I wrote a few days back. Now I Work on a P4 Windows XP(dont you dare ask me what was I using earlier) Have downloaded Picasa to upload my humungous picture … Continue reading

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Titanic Two the surface: Jack’s back

If the trailer of the sequel of Titanic is anything to go by, it will surely be a rage but not as great as the original. Everyone knows Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) died in the original. But hold your breath he … Continue reading

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Most technologically experimental 24 hours

I am a keen learner, but I am very lazy when it comes to doing technical stuff. I have relied a lot on friends to do it for me so far…. And when pushed against the wall, I really took … Continue reading

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