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New kiddoes in my block

The last two months saw my craving for sugar going down drastically for reasons quite unknown to me as yet. But that really doesnt mean that I like doing away with my favourite cookies. In the past couple of years, … Continue reading

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Diet for the day

2 glasses of cold coffee and a plate of papaya. And I am still not hungry. There were days when I so wished that I could survive on such a diet, and today its not intentional. I have just lost … Continue reading

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Where has the breakfast gone?

I remember my childhood days (and before you get started, let me clear the air, they arent that far away in history) and how breakfast was not something that required a special mention. It was there. Like any other normal … Continue reading

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Berco’s in Connaught Place

I went to this chinese restraunt on friday with great expectations only to be highly disappointed with their service. And yeah, the food didnt taste any great either. Well, the beginning itself was a reflection of what was instore for … Continue reading

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Humungous taste palette

I admit. I am a true punjabi. I accept nothing below good, tasty, well prepared, aromatic, spicey, D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S food. I so wish to have nicely made burra kababs, chicken tikka, butter naan and some curry right now. Aah…So much for … Continue reading

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I just decided to give my mini reviews about the restaurants I visit frequently and their speciality to help others pick and choose places for eating out in delhi. This time I went to Flavours. Flavours is located right next … Continue reading

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The American Diners – Indian Habitat Centre

Amazing food and amazing ambience. My recommendation- Veg: Baked Hash and Corn Non-Veg: Chicken Pot pie and Fussili with chicken and veggies. Downside.. they dont serve mocktails or breezer. Imagine the range on the table… coldcofee with icecream, Tom collins … Continue reading

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