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First female Indian Idol

Just a minute back India’s first female Indion Idol was chosen…. …and she sucks at singing. Wonder whats with people’s sense of music these days!

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Chor mumbai… slow mumbai

I never really liked the city and my experiences in the past couple of days have only confirmed my belief. I ventured out for the first time, all by myself to buy a reliance connection, only to be duped or … Continue reading

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A chaotic mind

I actually had to try hard to spell ‘hire’ while writing something. The options that came in my mind… hiar, hayer, hayre… Arggghhhh it was so damn irritating !

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I thought…

You had a conscience and a heart. You proved me wrong !

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Its like chosing the best amongst the worse

Following the frequent no signal problem with Dishtv, I was seriously contemplating taking up Tatasky. But the review I just read here only depicts the sad state of DTH options available to the consumers. And I thought only Dishtv was … Continue reading

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Where has the breakfast gone?

I remember my childhood days (and before you get started, let me clear the air, they arent that far away in history) and how breakfast was not something that required a special mention. It was there. Like any other normal … Continue reading

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Yet another one

I have been studying continuously (and appearing for exams) for the past 22 years continuously. Ever since I got out of school, I have hardly studied before appearing for the exam. Be it the CETs or the final examinations. I … Continue reading

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