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Professional development of Teachers

Introduction: “A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame”. -Rabindra Nath Tagore In India, education has always been viewed as a … Continue reading

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Role of ICT in Teacher Training as a tool for evolving India as a Knowledge Economy

“We must act now – we cannot wait for everything to be right – for bandwidth to increase and technology penetration to increase in schools. Many things in life can wait. But the child cannot. Now is the time when … Continue reading

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Plastics : A necessary evil

Plastics have opened the way for a plethora of new inventions and devices. Its low cost of production, light weight and easy process of manufacture has made it a raw material of choice for the manufacturing of plastic bags and … Continue reading

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ICT Education in Pre-service Teacher Education Programme in Delhi

Teachers lie at the core of any living society. They are important mediators of social change, social reconstruction and social rejuvenation. A teacher’s role is not only that of the leader of the children but of the guide to the … Continue reading

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Globalisation and Educational challenges

Globalisation is a qualitatively new phenomenon of multi-dimensional nature posing a variety of complex trends in the economic, social and cultural fabrics of all societies. It impacts on all conceivable facets of life, including education. Consequently, education services are naturally … Continue reading

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Violence against females, children & elderly and related issues of Mental Health

“Less visible, but even more widespread, is the legacy of day-to-day, individual suffering. It is the pain of children who are abused by people who should protect them, women injured or humiliated by violent partners, elderly persons maltreated by their … Continue reading

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Role of Gender in lives of Adolescents with disability

Most Indian women, particularly from poor homes, lead an existence of extreme subordination with very little control over their lives. So women who are disabled not only face the usual gender discrimination but also discrimination due to their disability. From … Continue reading

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