Casino Royale : Latest Bond flick

Ohk so the new bond Daniel Craig does manage to look yummy !! 😛

But what I was really disappointed in was the way this movie became oh-so-predictable for me. If you have seen hundreds of hindi movies and watched a few TV series, you can very easily guess the script of this bond flick. Some over the top action sequences, austin martins being driven, add to that few gorgeous gals, of which Eva green (Vesper) managed to look pretty only when she was sans makeup in the loo !! The first one, the italian chick, looked old. I just caught her on Tv giving some interview and she looked far more younger. Dunno what went wrong with the cinematography. Judi Dench was at her usual best.

Here are my few observations about the movie:

  1. Why is the villian always perfect in his moves, be it in his jumps, running, firing, watever. While our very own James bond goofs up somewhere or the other. Tch tch.
  2. Why is James bond such a womaniser? There is this dialogue in the movie where this female lead says “ You consider women as disposable pursuits than meaningful posessions“. But then I guess, since its in his fate to get ditched by his female counterparts, you cant really blame him. Can you? (BTW I guessed it before hand that the girl wasnt to be trusted!!)

Anyways, it kept me entertained, for the jokes I made of the horse riding scene used for the introduction of the Italian chick. So all in all, I would say its a piasa vasool movie.

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  1. Karthiksn says:

    Well he isn’t considered to be the best by the bond fans but actualy I believe the Bond in this movie was supposed to be crude and unrefined as this was his first ever mission as 007.

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