Can someone teach me?

I am a teacher myself. But today I am calling out for help.

Can someone please teach me how to live with a mistake?

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9 Responses to Can someone teach me?

  1. Amit Verma says:

    if you ever get to learn that please do teach me. I know you are good teacher and I’m bad student but I wanna learn ‘how to live with mistakes.’

  2. sanosh says:

    oh u r a teacher gr8.with lots of ethics 🙂

  3. Varshita says:

    I so wish I knew…

  4. bluediamond says:

    we maybe teachers to some few, but i believe, we always are, and will remain, the students of the teacher called life…
    i guess that will teach you in due time……..

  5. vikas sharma says:

    to err is human.

    there is nothing called error-free life… to commit mistakes and learn from them is a part of life… presence of a goal is important…. anything that takes u away from ur goal is wrong and must be corrected immediately

    as we live our life, we sometimes lose friends….just move on… u can’t sit and wait…shedding tears or crying on spilt milk is useless… i know it takes time but the more important thing is willingness… remember God helps those who help themselves.

    life teaches us lot of lessons,sometimes hard way…..

  6. Varshita says:

    Who said the mistake was about losing someone? Aren’t you presuming way too much?

  7. vikas sharma says:

    well sorry for that but u write one or two lines and expect everyone to understand the correct context…. i presented two aspects, one is a general mistake, i don’t want to guess this time…. the second is more related to relationships… u asked for help… i just tried to… if u found it offending , i am sorry then….

  8. Varshita says:

    I dont expect anyone to understand what I write here, I write cos I believe, cos I feel. Period!

    And there is no need for you to be sorry about nothing at all. Just chill….

    And yeah, thanks for your help.

  9. Fatima says:

    Umm…Life is weird…You have to move on even if you dont want to let go off your past…Even when you`re feeling defeated and hurt you somehow end up fightin bak wid the strength you dont knw you have…

    U shudnt forget ur mistakes…they make u strong and remind u not to repeat them again…N trust me time is the best healer…

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