BSES Customer Support Service Centre

I couldnt have ever imagined myself going to pay the electricity bills. But I did today. And trust me, as against the stories of bad service from government departments, I was pleasantly surprised to see what I saw. Thankfully because the sector is no longer with the Government, its been privatised.

The very first thing that strikes you when you enter the premises, is the ambience, quite like any privatised bank. Neat and clean and had a reception with a receptionist available to solve your basic queries and direct you !!

I was amazed to see a decent crowd sitting at counters as against the previous models I had seen once on my visit to pay the MTNL bill ( read as people who are busy chewing tobacco or sipping tea and can win the rudest person alive contest any day). And the best part being, they were more than eager to help the customers.

I goofed up with the bill, tore the payment slip while it shouldnt have been done, kindly read it carefully, it was MY FAULT, but still, the chap got up from his seat, went with me to a different section, to get a duplicate copy of the bill, and accepted my payment without any cribbing, with just a polite request of not repeating it again. And all this happened in 5 minutes flat !!

Talk about efficiency and customer service !! More than that I would say its the responsibility and accountability. Its no longer a job surety and safety for the employees, no taken for grantedness. They are there only till the time they are performing well.

The government departments better pull-up their socks lest they really want to be left way behind in the service sector for the consumers like me will definately choose private service providers any day for the easy and pleasant experience.

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