Bol na halke halke: A disappointment

I was reading the music review of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and came to know that the album boasts of a Rahat Fateh Ali khan song, one of my favourite singers. The review was full of praise for the songs of the album which has the music of the magic trio – Shanker, Ehsan, Loy and lyrics of none other than Gulzar.

Me being an ardent fan of “Rahat Ali Khan” type of songs, didnt take a while to download the same to hear it myself. Mahalaxmi Iyer has given him company in the duet which has a mixed feel of classical yet the typical Yashraj music.

The song started with the matka beats, the beat was catchy, lyrics mesmerising and the pace perfect initially and I was really looking forward to it. But when Rahat starts singing, you actually feel its quite abrupt. As if the song you are listening to has to have a little more before he starts singing. As if its too soon for him to start the song and once mahalaxmi joins in, the beats catch up and gain pace.

In the review, this song was compared to the magical feel of Mitwa from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, yet another of Rahat’s song. But Mitwa stands class apart as compared to this number.

This song seems fast, not that Mitwa wasnt, but in this song it seems as though the lyrics are trying to catch up to keep company the beats and hence been sung at a fast pace.

Its now playing for the 5th time, just to check if it might grow on me after a few repeats. One more thing that I have noticed about it is that in between the paragraphs the music seems a lift from any pakistani pop album with a great emphasis on guitar.

Dhage tod lao chandi se noor ke
ghunghat hi bana lo roshni se noor ke
sharma gayi jo aagosh mein lo
sanson se uljhi rahe meri sansein
Bol na halke halke
hoth se halke halke
bol na halke halke

Aa neend ka sauda karein
ek khwaab de ek khwab le
ek khwaab to ankhon mein hai
ek chaand ke takiye tale
kitne dinon se yeh asmaan bhi
soya nahi hai isko sula de
bol na halke halke…

Lyrics no doubt are beautiful. But Rahat Ali Khan seems completely wasted ! 🙁

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12 Responses to Bol na halke halke: A disappointment

  1. saud usmani says:


    It was very heartening to know how big a fan u r of rahat fateh ali khan, but that does not mean that you may go on attributing any song to him. I am referring to “mitwa” which you attributed to Rahat Fateh Ali khan which actually was sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan.

    But apart from that I probably agree with evrything that you had to say about the song.

  2. gazal says:

    sorry to contradict you…have found this particular song a beautiful blend of indian and western…and the lyrics too do full justice…
    considering the fact that the movie was quite a disappointment…the song stands out loud and clear

  3. sudhi says:

    dis song is a superb one i think….but i didnt get the complete meaning…can u help with the meaning of this song …plz…..

  4. ssb says:

    The internet gives opportunity for musically-challenged readers to write anything they feel.
    Bol na halke halke is one of the more melodious and memorable songs in recent times. Perhaps listeners are used to some poppycock from half-baked directors and singers.

    Perhaps Shankar Ehsan Loy are guilty of creating a ‘singer’s song instead of a listeners song. they should cater to a more discerning clientele.
    Try to sing even 2 lines and you will end up braying like a donkey.

  5. Anup says:

    Nice write up. I think Rahat sahab missed the composition of his illustrious father.

  6. amit says:

    mate mitwa is not rahat fateh ali’s song….chk on that….it by sum1 i really like …his name is Shafqat Amanat Ali, who ws origanny with Fuzon-if u ever heard of them…..he is it thing sum generation singer of patiala gharana……so don’t feel disappointed…..but i will recommend u to listen to his songs………FUZON is awsum…….

  7. prabhat says:

    Really good to hear the emotions coming from the heart

  8. Prerna says:

    lovely song too good

  9. tisha mehta says:

    this is really a lovely & a cute song
    the meaning of the lyrics are very deep & romatic

  10. tiska says:

    this is a heart touching song. i always wanted to liseten this song again agin.

  11. suresh says:

    the most romantic song i’ve ever listened.

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