Bluffmaster: Borrowed background score

Saw Bluffmaster for the first time. I am not too sure if other people have noticed that in the movie whenever Priyanka Chopra comes on screen, the background score that was played was actually the song “Bitter sweet symphony’ by ‘the Verve’??

I guess expecting originality from Bollywood is expecting way too much. High hopes!!
Originality and Bollywood are poles apart. 😛

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  1. Raj says:

    Well noted. Thanks for the song name btw.. i just loved the music and was trying to locate the original. I knew it was lifted from somewhere..

  2. Varshita says:

    Its one my favourite songs and I was holding my head when i heard it play for priyanka chopra’s entrance 😆

  3. Kali says:

    you know i kept thinking the same thing (and was thoroughly annoyed subsequently), but it’s actually not, listen to it carefully- the refrain is just violins, and that’s why it sounds similar.

  4. zook says:

    all of ye all are corrected… it was delirately borrowed .. but then it is not the same peice..
    the staccato punches of the violons were definately planned like the way it is in bitter sweet smyponey and by the way that particular piece in verve’s track was also borrowed ! from a rolling stones track !
    which almost made verve lose out on all the earnings from that track …so i dont really call it plagarism but definately directly inspired from that peice !!!

  5. zook says:

    oh and btw .. what about rest of the scrore which was totally original ?

    where did the poles go now ///

  6. Varshita says:

    hmm… ohkies
    I loved the bure bure song(which i guess is an indian version of another foreign song). What I liked about say n say na was the peculiar voice of the singer. Is she the part of the band who composed for the movie?

  7. anirudha says:

    really gud research.. thnx for it … 5/ also 5/5

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  9. Name says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for “Bitter sweet symphony”

  10. chetan says:

    dude all of u

    i just wanted the same tune which was played in it but can’t find

    Exactly same

    the “bitter sweet symphony” is the original but u know the tune in movie
    it just give u the kick in ur mind
    so if any one can help me with it
    i thank them in advance

  11. Rahul J says:

    hi guys/varshita,

    did any of u manage to get hold of this particular piece of song (not the verve one) ?? its frustrating that its not provided in the OST. im pretty sure i heard it on a mobile phone or something. arrgh.. maybe i’ll just snip it out of the movie!!

  12. harman says:

    copied, but still it is better than the original… i l0ve this one! n 4 verve they jus made dat s0ng hell with vocalz

  13. Symphony says:

    Anyone pl. mail me the bitter symphony piece from Bluffmaster…

  14. Abhilash Sahoo says:

    Can anbody tell the backgroung music tone used in aashiq banaya aapne??

  15. You, my ma’am are my savior. I heard the song by Verve an hour ago, and I knew I’d heard the tune somewhere but couldn’t remember for sure. I had a feeling it was between Dil Chahta Hai & Bluffmaster. Even looking up their official song list didn’t show any results, until I landed here.
    Thanks a tonne. This would’ve bugged me for years. 😛
    PS: Can’t believe it’s been 10 freaking years since Bluffmaster.

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