Berco’s in Connaught Place

I went to this chinese restraunt on friday with great expectations only to be highly disappointed with their service. And yeah, the food didnt taste any great either.

Well, the beginning itself was a reflection of what was instore for us for lunch. We had ordered for drinks and the waiter did arrive with the right ones, but brought them in his hands. Seems like they just ran out of trays. Moving further, we had to remind them 3 times for a drink that we ordered again. Such well known restraunt and they didnt give us napkins, but cheap tissue papers. This was a complete put off for me.

Well, we ordered for veg dimsums in schezuan sauce and button mushrooms for starters. I would hardly give them 3 stars out of 5 for them. I think Delhi hatt serves far better dimsums any day.

What seemed a value for money was their meal-combo. Priced at as low as Rs. 99 for Vegetarians and max of Rs. 149 for Non-vegetarians(for prawns as they are the costliest item). This includes a good serving of rice, your selection of vegetable/ meat in your choice of sauce along with pieces of veg spring roll. Its enough for one person and seemed fine for the value.

Overall I wouldnt recommend people to try this restraunt even if you are really keen on eating chinese as they seem to be surviving on their goodwill, which wont take long to wither away. I would rather suggest the chinese van in Defense colony market that serves hot, tasty and huge servings of chinese dishes at reasonable and almost similar prices.

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  1. Subin says:

    Berco’s is one of the most distinguished names in the culinary world as far as Chinese & Thai food

    is concerned. Since its inception in the year 1982, it has become a name to reckon with. Berco’s is

    known for its delectable Chinese &
    Thai cuisine and its service par excellence.

    Berco’s opens from 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and serves delicious Chinese and Thai cuisine. The

    cuisine of both Shanghai and the Hunan provinces as well the fiery tastes of Szechwan region can be

    experienced at Berco’s. In all our restaurants, food is prepared according to the customer’s

    preferences and needs. Berco’s must have includes ‘Hot & Sour Soup’, ‘Chicken Drumsticks’ and

    ‘Singapore noodles’ but the main highlight of the Berco’s menu is the ‘fruit beer’ which has been

    enticing customers since its inception; all this at prices which are easy on your pocket. As quoted

    by Mr Karma Chedup, Corporate Chef, Berco’s, “We believe in giving our customers finest quality

    ingredients cooked under hygienic conditions at a reasonable price. ” Besides Chinese, we have an

    exclusive range of Thai dishes with a separate section on our menu. ‘Thai Red Curry’ and ‘Thai

    rolls’ are specially recommended. And those looking for more should watch out for ‘Chef’s special’

    which an interesting mix of offbeat Chinese dishes from our expert Chefs.

    All our restaurants are designed by experts keeping in mind the look of a modern Chinese restaurant.

    All the restaurants have been designed aesthetically with Chinese paintings adorning the walls. We

    also have provision for organising conferences, theme parties and get together.

    Berco’s has been enjoying customer satisfaction for more than 2 decades and is gaining popularity

    with opening of every new restaurant. It’s a favourite with everybody as it has something for

    everybody whether it’s kids, youth or a family, it caters to all. Some people have been visiting

    Berco’s for more than 20 years to savour the Chinese culinary delights. This is further underlined

    by the fact that our restaurant was voted the most popular Chinese restaurant in a poll conducted by

    Hindustan Times in the year 2003. We got 35% votes more over other restaurants.


  2. Varshita says:

    well thank you so much for taking so much pain in telling us all about berco’s. But I am not too sure why you havent cleared the air about the service?

  3. Varshita says:

    And yeah.. its not too good to ride on the accolades berco’s received way back in 2003.

    Its 2007… and you seem to have taken the customers for granted.

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