Being thankless

Life has been great so far, and oh-so-often I crib about things not being right. Not being the way I would ideally want them to be. Not having my way through it all. But then I wonder how am I happy in the first place? And I have no freaking clue.

I have so many complaints from life, that at times it scares the hell out of me to even think of a situation when I wouldn’t even have what I have been blessed with today. These thoughts actually came from a rather general statement made by my boss today. She just remarked in a rather ‘as a matter of fact’ statement that I don’t value what I have got so damn easily.

I don’t want to sound pompous or arrogant, but I think I have achieved a lot at a diminutive age of 24 (And no I am not trying to be politically correct!!). I have done relatively well for a person who couldn’t speak English in class III and the teacher had to send special instructions back home for the parents to make extra efforts in that regard. For a person who got a red line (read fail) in mathematics in class VII and who went on to be a Maths topper in school from X through XII.

How did I manage to top B.Ed and how the hell I got through M.Ed admissions is still a mystery for me. I never worked towards finding a job, it just fell right in my lap, while I was just chilling at 21. Earned my Europe trip, enjoyed it through and through and spent all my savings of 2 years in that one month trip.

Many people and my dad in particular say I am lucky, as they feel that I hardly put in any efforts, and the results I get are manifolds and humungous. I wouldn’t say that they are entirely wrong. I have started noticing it myself too, and it very conviniently and sucessfully freaks me out completely.

Many a times I feel this is nothing but a sweet dream which will just end abruptly someday, just don’t know when.

The clock is ticking….

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  1. gunjan says:

    carpe diem( grab the moment) 🙂

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