Balancing Act

Trying to balance� studies with my work is leaving me imbalanced. Dont seem to be doing justice to either of them.� Neither my boss is too happy nor my teachers in the college. What the hell 😡

Studying and working at the same time is a bad bad idea !!�

Specially when my workplace is at one corner of the city and my college on the other. In total I have driven around 100 kms today. And that too in� the� worst Delhi traffic during peak hours. Life couldnt just get any better.� I am pretty fond of driving and during the past 3 years (almost…just 3 months to complete) I have driven 41000 kms on my car. Now that speaks volume about the kind of driving or should� I say quantum of driving that� I do.

Need to find a more relaxing, and a cheaper alternative to kill time� and ofcourse to commute 😛 !!

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