Articles written

This page shall provide you with an array of essays/ articles/ research work written by me and my friends about a variety of issues related to various fields, Education in particular.

Names of contributors apart from me so far:

Ms. Gunjan Matreja (

Ms. Ritika Grover (


Schizophrenia: A Universal Ailment? by Gunjan

Lesson plan based on Concept Attainment Model by Varshita

Role of Gender in lives of Adolescents with disability by Ritika

Violence & Agression and related issues of Mental health by Varshita

Globalisation and Educatonal Challenges by Varshita

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Education as a component in Pre-service Teacher Education Programme in Delhi by Varshita

Role of ICT in Teacher Training as a tool for evolving India as a Knowledge Economy by Varshita

Professional Development of teachers by Varshita

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