And it rains again…

Boondein jo maathe ko choom hothon se gir gayi
ek lamhe mein bachpan ki yaadein taaza kar gayi

Its been raining non-stop for more than 12 hrs now and today after a long time I got drenched on will !

I cant remember when was the last time i enjoyed getting wet in rain…. the faintest memory I have would be of the time 15 years back. When the house was not reconstructed… when grand ma was still alive… when the mango tree had not been cut.
That memory became fresh today… vinnie, me and mom… standing in the verandah, getting drenched in rain…with my grandma watching 🙂
Actually today a lot of them came back afresh…

The days when we wouldnt have school assembly as it would be raining. Playing basketball during rains… the so called “gola” shoes getting all wet…with water inside them… but it didnt matter. And today it hurts to get your catwalk sandals ruined.

Dad getting samosas and jalebies…. Mom making pakodas and coffee…ummmmm

That sound of the broken viper, splash of the bus, water logging on corners, struggle of the cycle rider, sale of the tea stall, cricket match of the colony kids, drops of water running down my hair, and someone to give me company on this walk while I struggle to manage the flood of memories.

Felt good to revive the old kid in me… after a long time !

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