All I ever wanted…

Tu hi bata zindagi jo bhi hua kyon hua
khoyi hai kyon har khushi
kiski lagi baddua
kisse kisse jawaab dun
bujha hua yeh dil hai kyon
kya main kahu bikhra kyon sapna mera

bheegey se yeh din hai kaali raatein
ansuon ki ho jaise barsaatein
puche mujhse jo yeh dil ki baatein
kya main kahu dard kyon dil ko mila
tu hi bata zindagi jo bhi hua kyon hua

soona sa hai ab yeh mera mann
doobi huyi si hai ab dhadkan
jaaun kahan aaye yahi uljhan
kya main kahu khoya kyon rasta mera
tu hi bata zindagi jo bhi hua kyon hua

All that I ever dreamt and wished for was a loving family, caring partner, a small house and a peaceful life, where everyone is happy. Never realised it was too much to ask for or expect in this life. The song “tere bina” from guru is playing on repeat mode since I started writing this post. And if you can do one thing that I ask you to do today, then listen to this song once without any distraction, without any work at hand.

Just sit back, close your eyes and listen to that song and try and remember the day when you met/ saw someone special. Try to recall that eye contact, that innocence, the odd silence, the little hesitation, the racing heartbeat, the shyness, the surprise element, the couldnt believe reality…. try and recall it all.

If this song fails to shake you today…. probably it never will convey what it actually is capable of!!

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