Airtel charges for scheme I didnt apply for

I hardly ever scrutanize the bill. I just see the amount, fill in the cheque and pay it. Thats it. But my dad has the habit of going through its details, which I now know why!

In my current bill, they have levied “CLIP scheme” charges. I havent applied for any such scheme, neither did I request them to activate this service for my phone. On my dad’s insistance I called up the customer care to have a sweet word with them.

Their executive had the nerve to tell me that the company started with the scheme and decided to charge me for it on its own, regardless of whether I am interested in availaing such a service or not. And even if they began the service and provided it to me, I was never intimated of such service being available in the first place. What if tommorow Airtel decides to provide international calling facility and starts charging me extra rental for that even if I dont want it? Why should I pay for it!!

The ease with which the person forwarded my request to put that service off since I didnt ask for it makes me feel that they were expecting this response from atleast 20-30% customers who are finicky like my dad and might end up reading the bill. The other 70% customers like me might just end up paying it. I have also requested for a new bill to be generated with revised charges.

I was told that my complaint would be resolved by 2 May 2007 (Today) before 1700 hours IST against a complaint reference number 9003111 and as expected I havent heard from them till now (2300 Hours)

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