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The author of this website is suffering from the traumatic effects of mid-twenties crisis. Born and brought up in the capital of India, the author is already done with half of her life. That is a pretty conservative view hoping that she manages to live for atleast half a century. She has come up with strange ways of keeping her boredom at bay. Poetry and this site being just two of them.

After having completed double masters, the author felt that it was a complete waste of time but not energy because she never invested any. It was the count of twenty-two years of education that scared the hell out of her and left her feeling more disillusioned than ever. There began her quest for the search of the unknown.

She feels strongly about issues related to the heart other than the field of education. She is presently associated with a Teacher training college in NCT of Delhi and hopes to plunge into serious writing about the field of Teacher Education and its present scenario, especially in India, pretty soon.

Author -Varshita

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  1. hey, i dont know how i came across this site and at midnight almost 2 am i spent over 2 hours here! i dont know why i am writing this mail…

    do lemme know if i can be of any help in this blog of yours as this being my business too…
    Sincere Regards,

    Arunraj Dhariwal
    Founder & CEO
    NagpurTrade.Com Technologies

  2. adeel says:

    Some poetry from Faiz sahib brought me to your websitr, i clicked to read about auther……..and then by chance read ur autobiography. Although not very old, however in your world of pesimisim I have lived around two-third of my life……..that makes me 32btw……I guess devotion is the key to life.

    Also try finding out a reason for your creation it might help……my understanding of life is that “it was never promised to be a bedof roses” …one has to face a lot of things…..you will come across real situations when you can cry but for the rest u have to ignore………..I am sorry if my perception was wrong…….but thats how i felt reading about you…….good luck……….

  3. Gautam Gowda says:


    We are missing you are IGT… hope to see you back there soon šŸ™‚

    You are our Pro-Tabber, remember šŸ˜‰


  4. himani sabbarwal says:

    great varshita hope u contribute more 2wards the social upliftment

  5. Sudheer Maurya says:

    Dear Varshita
    ‘Aah’ is the my first Book, there are 61 Gazals.

    From ‘Aah’

  6. Ayonika Dey says:

    hi varshita mam…….m realy impressd by ur poetry writing………….please add me on facebook if possible…..wanna c u personaly somday ……..thanks ,take care , with regards.

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