A picture a day

Starting today, I would be posting pictures that I would click every day. Its been a long time I clicked just for the heck of it. But today with the sudden rainfall I felt good doing it all over again after almost an year. Tried to capture the same magic. The same plant, but with the new leaves.

I always feel that the pictures need not be anything, need not mean anything, but something that would just make you feel good. So starting today, atleast for the next 30 days I intend to continue this ritual. Lets see what we get our hands on.

Here are the pictures of the day.

Old season, new leaves

Old season, new leaves

and before you start dissecting the wall in the next picture for the new leaves on the plant, let me just say, that this according to me is the best part of the entrance to my home. The red wall with the contrasting stone work. I love it.

The wall

The red wall

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3 Responses to A picture a day

  1. raj4u says:

    so far i m with your blog i dont know how sort of gal r u ………. but u r honest with ur soul and ur heart.

    U r a good photographer too !!!!!

    I can see ur image with those rain drops.
    U must be imprising other’s beauty and life likely to those drops on the leaves.


  2. woods says:

    Good ones, which camera?

  3. driftw00d says:

    those drops were artificially created ? weren’t they?

    creative head.. umm but execution could have been better.. in all good effort.

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