A humble beginning

For a long time, me and a friend of mine had wished to start an educational portal. But the plan never really took off. Then I got this brilliant idea of using this site as a means to meet my end. This site presented an excellent platform to publish some well written articles by me and my friends.

Today, the first article has finally been posted. Its by my dear friend gunjan and if I get due permission from her I shall put her picture here too 🙂

For later references, I have specially created a page titled “Articles written” which will in a way provide an index for all the articles ever posted here.

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One Response to A humble beginning

  1. Srivatsava says:

    Ok… when you are bored beyond belief, you do such good stuff…
    fruitful boredom, huh?Kuda karen that you be eternally bored agar uska anjaam itna dilchasp ho!!

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